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Minnow exists to help product people accelerate their careers, meet peers and have a greater, positive impact.


Why Minnow?

Valuable skills taught by product experts.

It's so hard to land your first product role. And it's just as hard to up skill whilst you're in the role. This is a big problem and existing education isn't closing the gap.

Courses are often way too expensive or out of date and theoretical - detached from the real, messy world of building products.

Minnow's courses aren't theory. We teach valuable skills direct from experienced product operators at world class tech companies. You'll learn how the best have tackled their most complex product problems.

A group of Minnow students out at a social, in-person get together.
Logos of companies that have had students attend Minnow courses. Companies include: SafetyCulture. Reejig, Uber, Eucalyptus, Immutable, Amazon, Indebted, Happy Co, Airwallex, Education Perfect, Like Family and more.

Meaningful networks of peers and  leaders.

Product is all about learning, fast. And the best product people learn constantly from their peers, in and outside of their companies.

The problem is, many product people don't have massive networks they can go to for help and advice.

Minnow changes this. With Every Minnow course, you'll get access to an incredible community of generous product people and get to meet leaders at some of the most exciting product companies in world.

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