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Accelerate your product career with cohort-based and self-paced courses.

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Strategy & Structured Problem Solving [Live]

Strategy & Structured Problem Solving [Live]

Tackle any complex product problem with confidence. Learn to break down problems, make great strategic decisions and build powerful narratives.

Strategy & Structured Problem Solving

Strategy & Structured Problem Solving

Tackle any complex product problem with confidence. Learn to break down problems, make great strategic decisions and build powerful narratives.

A$ 335


Learning to negotiate is one of the highest ROI professional skills you can invest in. Increase your value and find the win-win's.

Ways to Learn

Choose how would you like to learn with Minnow. You can join a live cohort or learn at your own pace and on demand.

Live Cohorts

Learn alongside peers for 4-6 weeks. Build real, meaningful connections whilst you take your next career step.



Dive into a course at your own pace. Connect with the Minnow community and get support when you want it.


On Demand Library

Access product leader sessions on-demand and learn from the best. No course, just insights from the best.


Increase your impact immediately.

"I've walked away with an abundance of insights and helpful techniques, that I feel have already made a massive impact on how I operate on a day-to-day basis."

Tanya Singh
Product Manager at Linktree
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Why Minnow?

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World-Class Teachers

Learn directly from leading product operators sharing real insights and lessons from top tech companies and start-ups.

Proven Quality Content

Each course is developed by experienced product leaders with deep experience and insight. Truly learn how to scale your impact.

Incredible Community

Connect with an incredible community of Minnow students and alumni. Join Slack, social events, special sessions and catch-ups.

Real Engagement & Support

Cohort-based programs are active! Practice what you're learning each week with working sessions, group discussions and tasks.

Join an Incredible Community

Connect with Minnow's community of world-class Product People.

“A lot of actionable 💎 and relatable examples from guest speakers... Highly recommend regardless of your area of expertise. ”

Profile picture of Elise P.

Elise P.

Cake logo

“10/10 would recommend ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”

Profile picture of Sophia W.

Sophia W.

Product Manager
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“...this course strings the best parts together in a coherent, easy to apply process with real world examples...It's already in motion and having an impact at Vively”

Profile picture of Tim V.

Tim V.

Founder & CEO
Vively logo

"This was one of the best L&D investments I've made in the last few years. I loved listening to real life product stories from product people and interacting with them."

Profile picture of Abhi

Abhinaw K.

Product Manager
:Different logo

“Loved learning from a bunch of awesome product leaders... Highly recommend for product people wanting to level up!”

Profile picture of Matt H.

Matt H.

Sauce logo

“Highly recommend this to anyone who is open to approach problems a little bit differently and wants to develop strategy without the fluff”

Profile picture of Julie G.

Julie G.

Product Manager
Archistar logo

“ I can't recommend this course enough for someone just starting out in product.”

Profile picture of Alfie T.

Alfie T.

Tech BA
HEX logo

“My personal highlight has been the outstanding guest speakers who joined us each week ... I am so impressed and grateful to learn from such passionate product people."

Profile picture of Diksha D.

Diksha D.

Product Manager
AdRoll logo

“I would recommend to anyone who is interested in getting together with a great bunch of product people to refresh some core concepts and learn some new ones.”

Profile picture of Tim B.

Tim B.

Product Manager
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“Thrilled to have gained many skills ... Got experiences directly from experts at Atlassian, Canva, Eucalyptus and many more.
100% Recommended!.”

Profile picture of Rocio.

Rocio S.

Product Designer
Kolmeo logo

“A whole load of knowledge, methods and tips to share which would be useful for anyone working in product.”

Profile picture of Mike Y.

Mike Y.

Product Manager
Quantium logo

“I've been introduced to new techniques & mental models, and heard first hand from 4 very accomplished Product people currently working in Australian Tech.”

Profile picture of Tom L.

Tom L.

Product Manager
Known logo

“In just 5 weeks, I've learned so much, and everything was directly applicable to my day-to-day job”

Profile picture of Alberto C.

Alberto C.

Technical PM
Practicehub logo

“I've been looking for a course like this for a while so was so happy when it exceeded my expectations. Would highly recommend for those looking to learn about strategy”

Profile picture of Jess T.

Jess T.

Product Designer
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“Being early in my product career, there's a constant struggle to balance growing by learning and doing ... this product strategy course solved exactly this problem!.”

Profile picture of Arni M.

Arni M.

Product Manager
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